About us

Our Story

Our Story

The Kingdom Citizens’ International school (KCIS) is a private Co- educational Nursery and Primary school for children between the ages of 3 to 10 years.

The school is committed to the pursuit of an internationally accepted    standard of academic excellence with a view to preparing a generation of people of Godly character who can usher in the much needed change in our world.


  • To encourage academic excellence and social well-being or interaction through strongly defined ethics.
  • To enable them discover and develop their God given potentials in order to make them relevant in their generation.
  • To emphasize self-control so as to enhance character formation.

Notice of Non-Discrimination

KCIS admits children of all Races, Colour, Religious and Ethnic background.


The Board of Governors through the head teacher shall be responsible for discipline and welfare of the pupils. Any child guilty of behaviour prejudicial to the smooth running of the school, will be treated as deem fit.