Kingdom Citizens’ College Admissions

General Admissions Information Kingdom Citizens’ College has two categories of students.  They are:
Full Boarding Students
Non-Boarding Students

All children desiring to attend Kingdom Citizens’ College must go through an admissions process. Admission into Kingdom Citizens’ College is contingent upon several criteria:
A. Parents’ interview and purchase of application forms
B. Applications are completed and submitted at the admin office with the appropriate fee
C. Applicant passing an entrance exam and interview
D. Availability in the target class level
E. Final acceptance by Kingdom Citizens’ College Board

Applications will be filled out by the parents and turned in to the Kingdom Citizens’ College Admissions Secretary.

Applicants also need to submit passport pictures, a birth certificate, and previous school transcripts. The school collects and files all application forms and conducts all routine admissions correspondence.

Student Testing and Interview
In February, Kingdom Citizens’ College will conduct student admissions testing and student interviews. Grade-specific tests and criteria are addressed below. All children are tested irrespective of space in the target grade.

Admissions Results
Test results are made available to the parents of prospective students within 48 hours of taking the test.

Accepatance Fee

Parents will upon getting the admission letter pay the sum of Ten Thousand Naira as acceptance fee for their ward.

New Parents’ Orientation is held two days before school begins. At this meeting, parents receive an orientation packet.

Admissions Process for Student Transiting from KCIS
The application fee, acceptance fee, and parental interviews are waived for students who just graduated from Kingdom Citizens’ International School.

Entrance test scores, previous school records, and interviews will be used to determine the prospective student’s individual ability level. Student interviews with the appropriate grade level admissions committee will be used to make recommendations regarding admissions.