Success Stories

"Being in KCC was quite an amazing experience; I had come into the school with no idea of where I was headed, I was just a child that wanted to run from home. I had gotten the chance, but instead I had found family. KCC became my home and I got the chance to express myself. KCC gave me friends for life, mentors to guide and people to fall back to. I am indeed a better person, and a promising young adult."
Ifunanya Ezerioha
Undergraduate Student
"I've always felt discouraged about my art, it's like everyone wants to hear a particular sound or pattern of music. People want to tell you what to sing about and I've joggled between singing what's the regular and what is worth singing about. But I learnt from taking the Arts course in CTL that there is much more to write about and sing about,there should be a deliberate shift from dialect to language. And God is interested in sharing his creativity with me, I can only achieve this if I have a deeper relationship with God."
Lois Obi
"I have been privileged to go through three major trainings under CTL, namely: Understanding & Engaging Worldviews, Workplace Transformation Strategies and Nation Building Transformation Strategies. These three trainings are interconnected and they were indeed transformational for me. Through it, I understood clearly that work is not secular but sacred or spiritual because it fulfills God’s purpose on earth; work is a calling and stewardship of our God given abilities and competences. I learnt to do my work as the very work of God. Today, I do my work with much diligence and excellence because my work is the expression of my faith and spirituality. I discovered to my greatest joy how work is a tool for spiritual formation and national transformation."
Dr. Ebere N. Eze
Life Coach/ Development Economist
"My four girls have passed through KCP Schools, both elementary and college. It has been a wonderful experience. I see the difference between them and their peers. KCP Schools offer a holistic education. I am very satisfied with how my girls are turning out to be indeed future nation builders. Kudos to the management and staff of KCP Schools."
Mrs. Tonia Whyte